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36 Piece Number & Letter Punch Set For Marking Tools Etc

Ex Tax: £9.13

This 36 piece number and letter punch set is ideal to mark your name on metal, such as tools. They come in a wooden storage container to avoid misplacing them. The set contains 27 letter stamps (A-Z plus an & symbol) and numbers (0-8), note the 6 can be used for a 9 also. The stamps are 5mm, and have all been hardened and tempered.


  • 36 piece number and letter punch set
  • Mark your name on metal such as your tools
  • Comes in a wooden storage case
  • Each piece is 5mm
  • Contains letters A-Z plus an & symbol
  • Contains numbers 0-8 (the 6 can be used as a 9)
  • All pieces have been hardened and tempered
  • Made from carbon steel

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