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Heavy duty knotted wire brush wheel. Fits 4 and 4 1/2 inch angle grinders. Ideal for deburring, pain..
Heavy duty dual face rubber head mallet. One side is black, one white. Use the white side to avoid m..
2 piece universal joint set. Sizes included are 3/8" and 1/2" drive. The joints are impact type with..
20 piece stereo removal keys to remove head unit from the fascia cage. Professional quality tool for..
Replacement head for 3/8 inch breaker bar. Made with a gap for slot onto B'Bar, 14mm approx. Include..
4 piece 3/8 inch drive star bit set. Suitable for cylinder head bolts, brake caliper bolts, CV joint..
40oz ball pein hammer. The hammer is made with a drop forged steel head and hickory wooden handle. F..
Suitable for oxygen sensors found on most modern vehicles. Cut-out and slots enable sockets to be fi..
6 piece precision screwdriver set. All of the screwdrivers are made with soft sure grip handles for ..
Brand new 6 piece high quality stainless steel dental pick set. An ideal easy to store set for any t..
Set includes eight carpenters pencils with soft lead to enable clear marking on wood and other mater..
9 inch double ear clip pincer. Dual purpose side jaw design allows clamps to be applied or removed i..
Dual foot tyre gauge. Chrome plated zinc head with a metal tube body. 4 side plastic bar. Pressure r..
Heavy duty metal dust pan with fixed metal handle. The dust pan has an opening of 32cm. Ideal for an..
Multi groove soft jaw vice pads. Made from TPU material and measuring 6 inches long. Ideal for model..