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Give your caravan, trailer or horsebox the best possible protection with this universal coupling hit..
Heavy duty metal dust pan with fixed metal handle. The dust pan has an opening of 32cm. Ideal for an..
Brand new heavy duty tow ball. Made with a chrome plated finish to ensure durability. The tow ball h..
A high grade thick carbon steel construction staple gun, built for durability and multi purpose use...
Multi groove soft jaw vice pads. Made from TPU material and measuring 6 inches long. Ideal for model..
New neilsen Magnetic Pick Up Tools. Made with a lifting capacity of 5lb and telescopic design. The..
New neilsen Magnetic Pick Up Tool. Made with a lifting capacity of 5lb and telescopic design. The pi..
Magnetic welding clamps. All made from durable steel with a riveted construction. Angles of 45°, 90..
Made From Acid Oil And Acid Resistant PlasticUseful Item For Transferring A Wide Variety Of Liquids ..
This tool has been designed to drastically reduce the time taken when dismantling motorcycle brakes ..
Motorcycle Spindle Adaptor Tool. Used in professional environments, this spindle fits most modern mo..
Large brake cylinder hone. For de-glazing cylinder bores. Flexible shaft for easy use and self cente..
Oil drain bucket pan, with a 16 litre capacity. Ideal for drainage of many different liquids such as..
7 piece oil pan thread repair set. The sizes are 15mm with a M15 tap. 6 oil drain plugs with washers..
150mm Quick Action Clamp one handed ratchet mechanism clamp with 150mm opening capacity, & non marki..