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2x 4in Spike Wedge Grip Fence Post Supports 100mm Timber Holder

Ex Tax: £12.49

2 Fence Spikes, painted brown to blend in with your fence posts. These post support systems feature a 4 fin steel spike to provide gale-beating strength and durability. No nails or screws required, the post-holder does it all! This system supports fence posts that are 4 inches wide (100mm) and holds the posts above ground level in order to prevent rot and decay.

  • 2x Fence Support Spikes
  • Steel Construction and Four Fin Design for Strength and Durability.
  • No Nails/Screws Needed!
  • Brown Finish to Blend with Fenceposts.
  • Suits 4inch Posts
  • Wedge Grip Type.

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