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Assorted 35 Piece Hose Clamp Jubilee Clip Set with Driver Tool

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This great 35 Piece Stainless Steel Hose Clamp Set cotains assorted sized hose clamps and a driver tool for tightening and loosening the hose clamps.

Hose Clamp Sizes:

  • 5pc: 8-16mm, 0.6mm(T)x8mm
  • 8pc: 10-22mm, 0.6mm(T)x8mm
  • 8pc: 13-25mm, 0.6mm(T)x8mm
  • 6pc: 14-32mm, 0.6mm(T)x12.7mm
  • 4pc: 19-38mm, 0.6mm(T)x12.7mm
  • 3pc: 19-44mm, 0.6mm(T)x12.7mm

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