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Laminate Wood Floor Fitting Installation Kit

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Wood laminate flooring installation kit, suitable for 7-15mm laminate/hardwood flooring. The kit includes a mallet with rubber and hard plastic heads, pull bar, tapping block and 20 space wedges. Gets the job done efficiently and done accurately.

  • Wood laminate flooring installation kit
  • Includes:
    • Mallet with rubber and hard plastic heads
    • Pull bar
    • Tapping block
    • 20 space wedges
  • Suitable for 7-15mm laminate hard flooring
  • In order to eliminate the gap on the long side of the planks, use the pull bar
  • When tapping two planks together, insert the tapping block into the tongue of the plank
  • Two space wedges are used to adjust the thickness of the gap. Put the space wedges on the edges to leave space for expansion
  • To eliminate the gap among planks, use the hammer to hammer the tapping block

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