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Integrated SDIO Bar Code Scanner

Product Code: SDIO-BSCAN
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Now you can add affordable bar code scanning to your Palm or Pocket PC2003 device with Socket s SDIO In-Hand Scan Card. Based on miniature Linear CMOS Imaging technology from Symbol Technologies, the SDIO ISC scans all popular linear bar code symbologies and uses only 57mA of power during scanning to maximize battery life. SocketScan keyboard emulation software sends decoded data to any Windows or Palm application as virtual keystrokes.

Supported in Pocket PC devices with SDIO Card slots. IMPORTANT: All SD Card slots support memory cards, but not all SD Card slots support  I/O (Input/Output) cards. Pocket PC s must have the SDIO Now! card services utility from bSquare included in the device firmware. The HP iPaq Model 3970 is the only PPC2002 device known to include SDIO Now!. Almost all Pocket PC2003 devices include SDIO Now!, but check the product specifications to be sure.

Supported in Palm Tungsten, Zire and SmartPhone devices running Palm OS v4.1 or later. Support in Palm-based SmartPhones will be available in Q4, 2003 and may vary by brand.

Automatically decodes the most popular bar code symbologies including  UPC/EAN, Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, MSI/Plessey, and Codabar. Other symbologies can be enabled by user with SocketScan Symbology selector.

Class 1 LED light source poses no safety or health hazards.

Socket's SocketScan software for Palm and Windows converts scanned bar code characters into virtual keystrokes so that any Palm or Windows application treats the characters as though they were typed on a keyboard.

SocketScan enables the creation of prefixes and suffixes, such as Tab or Carriage Return, to further eliminate keystrokes in the data collection process.

SocketScan SDK for both Palm and Windows CE available for developers who wish to control the scanner and resulting data from within their application.

This Battery Friendly solution draws only a few milliamps of current in standby mode, extending the battery life of your Pocket PC.

No extra batteries or special power adapter required. The SDIO In-Hand Scan Card gets power from the host Pocket PC.

Works with Windows or Palm-based development tools so you can easily create custom applications.

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