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Pocket-sized gauge, provides quick, simple method of checking tyre tread depth.   ..
Carbon fibre composite digital vernier caliper. Resolution 0 - 150 x 0.1mm / 0 - 6 x 0.01". 2-way me..
5-speed belt drive drill press with a maximum drilling depth of 50mm. For accurate drilling tasks an..
Hard-wearing suede leather scaffold spanner holder for scaffold and podger spanners. Riveted for str..
A Forged Steel Karabiner with a screw lock gate. Has a max gate opening of 19mm. 100% proof-loaded t..
Set of 2 adjustable height builder's props. Simple one-handed ratchet system. Swivel pads adjust to ..
Ideal for supporting light to medium weight shelving. Does not require shelving rack. Enables shelve..
Set of 4 long reach brushes. Angled pure bristle head suitable for all types of paint. Enables acces..
Side cutting mini pliers. Hardened and tempered carbon steel jaws, for accurate and delicate work. 2..
Drop-forged, hardened steel head with heat-treated, ground and polished cutting edge. Shock-absorbin..
Open and bi-hexagonal ends with 15° offset and short body, for greater access. Hardened and tempered..
Assorted colour-coded plastic packers. Clearly marked sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6mm. For dry lining, c..
Fully hardened chrome vanadium steel blades with hardened, satin finish and magnetic tips. High-impa..
Auto center knurled steel bodied center punch with hardened tip. Size of the steel punch is 130mm. ..