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Sumbox Periodic Table Of The Elements Educational Science Poster

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This is an original Sumbox educational poster displaying the full Periodic Table Of Elements. It is designed in high detail by experts. It shows 118 elements all colour coded with their correct atomic number, symbol, name and standard atomic weight. It even shows the Lanthanum and Actinium series. All of the elements that are radioactive are labelled with a clear logo. Clear text laid onto appropriate colours aid easy reading and recollection of the poster. The Sumbox Periodic Table Of Elements poster has a laminated finish which ensures durability and also gives an easy wipe clean surface. The size of the poster is 297mm x 420mm.

  • Full Periodic Table Of Elements
  • Colour coded for:
    • Hydryogen
    • Alkali metals
    • Alkali earth metals
    • Transition metals
    • Poor metals
    • Nonmetals
    • Noble gases
    • Rare earth metals
  • Each element has it's atomic number, symbol, name and standard atomic weight
  • Lanthanum and Actinium series are labelled
  • Radioactive elements are labelled
  • Aids learning process
  • Professionally printed and laminated
  • Wipe clean surface
  • Write on / Wipe off surface
  • Product Code: SB-2014
Sumbox produces educational resources across a variety subject categories and targeted at different age ranges, start your collection of Sumbox educational products now.

All posters from Sumbox are designed by experts in education with a proven track record of success. Sumbox posters are manufactured by the largest printing company of its kind in Europe, with over 500 employees and a 24 hour running print press line.

The Sumbox design team take time in designing their posters by carefully selecting different colours, fonts and styles to make them attractive and to aid in the learning process as much as possible.

This poster is made for lengthy use, it is printed on the highest quality glossy finish illustration poster board with added encapsulated lamination for protection from light moisture (and sticky fingers) making them durable and long lasting. Sumbox posters have strong vibrant colours thanks to the use of the latest precision printing technology.  

This Sumbox poster is completed in a dry-wipe surface so using a dry-wipe marker (whiteboard marker) you can write on and wipe off with ease.

We believe using Sumbox educational posters enhances learning for children of all ages. Sumbox educational material is perfect for nurseries, schools, youth clubs and even at home.

Start collecting and using Sumbox educational products now with this great item.

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