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Wolf-Garten Multi-Change Garden Scraper

Product viewed: 2014
Ex Tax: £4.83

This useful garden scraper is perfect for removing weeds and moss from between pavings. The sharp bladed edge slices through moss and weeds with ease and the integrated hook can be used to scrape the debris out from between paving slabs.

As it is part of the unique multi-change system, it can be used with any of the 11 handles in the multi-change range. Simply choose the correct handle length to suit your height (also choose between wooden and aluminium handles) and literally ‘click’ the scraper onto the handle to lock it into place.

Attaching the head and handle takes seconds and when interlocked, you can be sure of a secure working tool that offers an unbeatable performance. Furthermore, because you have selected the correct handle length to suit your height, you will avoid any unnecessary bending or pulling while you work, allowing you to get any job done without straining your back.

You can remove the garden scraper tool head by pressing the release button found on the upper part of the handle and swap it for any other tool head in the collection. This multi-change system allows you to switch from weeding to grubbing to digging- all the while using the same handle so saving storage space, effort and more importantly, your back!

Every product in the WOLF-Garten multi-change collection is manufactured in Germany to the highest of engineering standards. This quality assurance is reflected by the 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

  •  Quality garden scraper
  •  10 year manufacturer guarantee
  •  Removes weeds and moss from between pavings with ease
  •  Sharp edge cuts through weeds whilst hook removes debris
  •  Made from best quality steel, coated with long-lasting anti-rust chrome
  • Part of the multi-change click system-any handle fits 50 tool heads

This is one of the Wolf Garden multi change tools. It clips onto one of the Wolf Garden multi change handles. They lock into place just like a seatbelt and are easy to remove when you need to change. This means you can save huge amounts of space by just having to store the different tool heads. Wolf Garden multi change handle is not included!

Wolf Garden also known as Wolf Garten.

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