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Angled mixed bristle head suitable for all types of paint. Enables access to difficult areas for pai..
Woven nylon wristband containing 16 powerful magnets that hold small, ferrous items securely to leav..
Impulse sprinkler covers 360 degree diameter with full or half circle adjustable pattern. Great qual..
An essential tool to have in the shed or the boot of your car this winter. This mini square nose sho..
Pack of ten replacement soldering iron tips. Ideal for 15/25W soldering irons. Will for soldering ir..
High quality transparent glue sticks. Excellent adhesion to many substrates including wood, fabric, ..
For removal of olives from 15 and 22mm compression fittings without damaging pipes. Manufactured fro..
This 1/4" BSP Quick Release Euro Compressed Air Line Coupler Connector Fitting Kit comes with a life..
Retracting screw holder. Avoids the need to support fixing by hand. Uses any 1/4inch hex insert bi..
Self-calibrating 3-in-1 detector for detecting timber such as studs and ceiling joists, live AC wi..
Set of 2 heavy duty storage hooks. Made from hardened steel with plastic end caps for protection. Pe..
High tech, lightweight clamps for all uses. Single-handed operation allows infinite adjustment and a..
A fantastic quality for value 4 piece axle stand set. Each one has a 10 step ratchet adjustme..
This Silverline 1/2" Straight Imperial Cutter is perfect for general routing, grooving, rebating, da..