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This Silverline Telescopic Cleaning Brush is ideal for any types of general cleaning; vehicles, wind..
This Silverline Telescopic Ladder is ideal for use around the home and garage, order yours today!Thi..
Use with a router mounted in a table when following a template guide.1/2 Inch x 1 Inch x 1/2 Inch..
This Silverline Welders Apron (Full Length) Heavy Duty comes with a manufacturer lifetime warranty, ..
This Silverline Wire Brush, Cup & Twist-Knot Wheel Set is perfect for the removal of any rust or pai..
This Silverline Wire Brush, Cup & Twist-Knot Wheel Set 5pce & Adaptor combo is ideal for rust and pa..
An essential set of tools to have in the shed or the boot of your car this winter. This mini square ..
ABS case with steel binding and 12mm wide tape with phosphate coating for rust protection. Enamelled..
This TCT Aluminium Blade 80T (250 x 30 - 25, 20, 16mm rings) Circular Saw Blade comes with a lifetim..
This TCT UPVC Window Blade 80T (250 x 30 - 25, 20, 16mm Rings) comes with a lifetime manufacturer wa..
This Titanium-Coated Forstner Bit Set 7pce (12 - 35mm) Hinge Hole Drilling Wood Bits comes with a li..
Cast-iron and epoxy-coated with carbon steel blades for precision shaping. Vertical and horizontal..
1/2" Square drive ratchet with twist-to-reverse mechanism. Trigger-operated power control. Torque ma..
Tungsten Carbide Tipped Straight Router Bit. Cutter dimensions of 2.5" x 1.5". Universally fits all ..
Ideal for drilling and driving in confined spaces. Knurled rotating outer guide sleeve allows secure..