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1/2" Square drive ratchet with twist-to-reverse mechanism. Trigger-operated power control. Torque ma..
Tungsten Carbide Tipped Straight Router Bit. Cutter dimensions of 2.5" x 1.5". Universally fits all ..
Ideal for drilling and driving in confined spaces. Knurled rotating outer guide sleeve allows secure..
TCT cutting edges. Strong, hardened steel shank. Twin fluted for smooth finish. For trimming laminat..
TCT cutting edge. Strong, hardened steel shank. Single fluted for smooth finish. For general routing..
115mm Ultra Thin Metal Cutting Discs. This pack of cutting discs contains 10 pieces. The discs are h..
HSS-R roll forged 4341 high speed steel. Manufactured to DIN338 with 118° point. General purpose 'jo..
Includes half-round with tapered end, round, crossing, barrette, three square, square with tapered e..
A professional set of 10 Extra Large sized overalls, finished in white with elasticated edges on the..
M35 high speed steel with 5% cobalt for strength and wear resistance. 135° split point prevents walk..
115mm Ultra Thin Metal Cutting Discs. This pack of cutting discs contains 100 pieces. The discs are ..
This traditional balck coal shovel is made out of steel which gives it its great strenght and durabi..
Arbors fit both 1/2" BSP TCT and diamond core drills. Includes ejector drift to remove taper guide d..
Galvanised and powder-coated steel for dual corrosion resistance. For replacement of rotted posts br..
95 assorted chrome vanadium driver bits; slotted, Phillips, PZ, hex (standard and tamper proof, metr..