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Continuous rim blade with 5mm segment height for smooth, clean cutting of ceramic and natural stone ..
Flexible 115mm Backing Pad. This backing pad is used in conjunction with fibre discs. It includes a ..
A durable backing pad for use with hook and loop polishing sponges, sanding discs, and bonnets. Comp..
Hardened and tempered carbon steel jaws, for accurate and delicate work. 2-tone soft-grip handles wi..
High Quality Hook Up Caravan extension Cable. A 14 metre (45ft 11in) extension cable for caravan ele..
Polyethylene mixing bottle for the preparation of accurate fuel/oil mixtures. Easy-pour spout and se..
Nickel-plated magnetic clips for use around the home, office, garage or workshop. For holding notes,..
120mm long carbon steel blades with polished wooden handles. Double hang shank. For accurate corner ..
Magnetic screwdriver bit holder. Sizes 60 and 150mm (150mm extension bar for restricted access). 1/4..
Robust steel construction with corrosion-resistant finish. Attach to a wall and use as a locking bar..
115mm Ultra Thin Metal Cutting Discs. This pack of cutting discs contains 20 pieces. The discs are h..
115mm Ultra Thin Metal Cutting Discs. This pack of cutting discs contains 25 pieces. The discs are h..
Open and bi-hexagonal ends with 15° offset for greater access. Hardened and tempered, drop-forged ch..
Robust, heavy duty, steel-framed cable reel. Thermal overload with power reset button. Cable rewind ..
2 Fence Spikes, painted brown to blend in with your fence posts. These post support systems feature ..