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Corner Cat Kitten Sisal Scratching Board - Black / Grey

Ex Tax: £5.83
Tired of your cat pulling at the curtains or scratching the furniture? This fantastic new product will keep them occupied. The Corner Cat Scratching Board can be used in many different ways. Lie it down flat on the floor, place in a corner, higher up on a corner or fix it to the wall, for your cat to play with.

Not only will the board keep them away from your furniture but it'll keep them healthy too! It helps to replenish their claws and prevent related problems. The board is made up natural strong sisal boards with thick plush fur in between, and plush fur all across the reverse.

  • Corner Cat Scratching Board
  • Keeps cats away from furniture, curtains, wallpaper etc
  • Sisal Boards good for cats health
  • Helps to replenish cats claws
  • Thick plush fur on reverse

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